We talk about successful people and what makes them successful.  Most interviews of successful people are conducted around their secrets to success but I think we should also look at what makes unsuccessful people. You may be alarmed but the truth is that we need to know what makes unsuccessful people and avoid the things that make them so. This excerpt from Mike Hernacki’sForgotten Secret to Phenomenal Success says it all. Enjoy it.

“Unsuccessful people talk about what they’re going to do. They make elaborate plans. They set up schedules and agendas. They take classes and ask advices. Then, they find other things to do that seem more important. They become distracted. They lost interest. They begin to doubt first their own desire for the objective, then their ability to achieve it.

After a while, unsuccessful people let their elaborate plans slip. They revise their schedules. When someone gives them negative advice, they take it to the heart. They forget. They neglect to follow through. They procrastinate. Finally they abandon the objective but not until they’ve compiled a whole list of reasons why it wasn’t a good idea in the first place.

Unsuccessful people share one trait in common: they are liars. They lie to themselves and they lie to others. All those schedules and elaborate plans are a big lie-just a way of making it look as if they’re doing something to reach their goal. When they say they want advice on how to get something done, they’re lying. What they really want is to hear why it can’t be done so they can have excuses, ratified by en “expert” for not doing it.

When they say they didn’t have time, the truth is that they didn’t take time.

When they say someone got in their way, the truth is that they allowed someone to get in their way.

When they say they didn’t find a way, the truth is that they didn’t look or didn’t look far enough

When they say they didn’t have the money, the truth is that they didn’t go out and round up the money they knew it would take.

When they say they tried, the truth is that they didn’t try hard or didn’t try at all.

Do you hear yourself in any of these lies, if so, don’t be surprised and don’t be ashamed. You could be lying for a number of reasons, some of them so deeply unconscious it would take years of therapy to get to the bottom of them…

If you want to succeed at anything…

Now you see what make unsuccessful people and as Mike has said, don’t be ashamed if the picture resembles you. Just learn the secrets of success and apply them and things will definitely make a drastic U-turn

You can read the rest of Hernacki’s Forgotten Secret toPhenomenal Success here.


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