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Fight Foolishness

*Judgments are prepared for scorners, and stripes for the back of fools. Prov 19:39 KJV*

Worse than being possessed by a demon is to be a Fool. Yes! Foolishness is more destructive than the devil many people are fighting. Being a fool is the highest order of attack any man can suffer. God’s Word warns believers should be careful of Foolishness just as we are careful of Satan.

Foolishness destroys more than anything on earth. All you need to fail and be a nonentity in life is just to be a fool.

Who is a Fool?
A fool is someone with no analytical reasoning, no research based reasoning. A fool doesn’t have the ability for independent decision making. He lacks intuitive reasoning that is based on sound knowledge. To be foolish is to be naive, childish, inexperienced, not deep in thought, shallow that is, you only see things from the surface.

Fools believe in luck so they are not ready to pay any price for success. A fool believes everything he’s told, so he’s easily deceived. Fools act with deluded confidence, so their actions are not based on objectivity backed by sound knowledge. Fools don’t dig deep when handling life matters so they are parochial.

Fools engage in self deception even against self evident truths. Fools don’t engage in self evaluation so they don’t see any reason for change. Fools don’t consider the consequences of his actions so he acts without restraint. A fool has no control on his feelings, so he offends with his words (Pro 29:11).

A fool will miss God’s mercies because he thinks whatever he’s doing is right. The end of a fool is certain, it is destruction.

Please to help our world, please don’t be a Fool

Please take time yo evaluate your life and see if there are signs of Foolishness in your life, cry to God for deliverance and make conscious decisions for change.

To help our world, please don’t be a Fool.



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